Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surviving 2009

Greetings all, I am finally in Salt Lake (home) for more then a weekend and have finally found time to blog.   What a great ending to a great year.  I have to say that thus far 2009 takes the cake!  It's been a hectic year and I am so blessed to have experienced what I have. 
In 12 months I have visited over 100 hotels, flown 114 flights, driven thousands of miles, and had way too much fun in 16 different states, needless to say...I'm a little exhausted.  
I can't beleive the life I live and the person I've become from a year ago... I feel pretty good about life right now, and let me just say that I am hitting the ground running in 2010. 
Now you're probably reading my last post and thinking I'm bi-polar...which maybe I am...not saying I'm perfect, just saying I am happy for the opportunity to be challenged and work to succeed. 

So far in 2010 I haven't done much.  Had a great week in Atlanta for a work conference, and am adjusting to being home more.   I always thought it would be fun to be a "housewife" and it is.  I wake up in the mornings (which if you know me is a feat in istself) make coffee and a light b-feast; plant myself in front of the laptop to work; hit the gym in the afternoon and run errands; homemade dinner; and have a good mix of social life and quite evenings at home.   Eat your heart out Bree Van de Kamp (p.s. stopped watching that show because it got rediculously lame). 

All and all, I gotta say it's nice to feel like I'm getting it together for one, don't get me wrong...I'll still be the hot mess you've all come to love (in fact I'm pretty sure I'm due for some drama of sorts...car breaking down, apartment flooding, etc..).  

Until next time.... 

Friday, November 6, 2009


wow...I can't beleive that we are already into November... October completely flew by.   I had a lot of fun though.  Mexico, Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Vancouver!  Things continue to truck along for me.  I never know really what day it is, or what I have scheduled for that same afternoon, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I am procrastinating on so many things I have to do today...so many many many things.  I would like to think that I am super organized and efficient, but I am starting to find out that I'm not so much.   Normal things like re-newing my driver's license is being cut down to the last minute (I am keeping my fingers crossed that this happens on time).  
Anywho, I think I am going to go stare out the window for a few minutes, wash a couple of dirty plates, start an e-mail, and then start to think about dinner options...  

Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Over my head....

So I know it's been a while (that's how I'm starting all of these blog posts)....there has of course been change. Change is INN right ? ( a little Holiday Inn humor for you). Work continues to challenge me like never before. Ususally by this point of a job I am on top and in control. In this job, I am still riding a 3 wheeled bike wearing extra padding.
I've always relied on a cute smile, boyish charm, and throwing out that "sister" attitude to have clients and co-workers like me, now....I've got to somehow continue that AND create business results....this is not what was taught at the community college....

I know that I can do it but I need to motivation to do so....so far...notta really. To be honest I don't even know where that motivation needs to come from. I need focus, organization...I need a clue.

My next big project is creating and leading a "leadership summit" for 20 hotels which happens in 2 weeks....eek! So many ideas flowing, but not sure what will be absolute best.

Ok....so this post is a littly winey (yes I want cheese with my whine) but I am trying to commit to blog more...so I hope you few readers enjoy! Love to hear your comments!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Six Dollars Lost on Kitty Glitter

Howdy! I know it's been quite a while since I last updated this, and I am making it a personal goal to be better at updating this blog of mine.

I am sitting here in East Las Vegas Nevada for another Stay Real workshop. We have a small class, which is actually nice, there doesn't seem to be as much pressure, and with every passing workshop I feel more and more confident.

Work continues to be crazy, I feel like my head is now just above water rather then drowning in confusion, overwhelming anxiety and complimentary Cran-Apple juice in a 4 oz. palstic cup at 30,000 ft.

I can't complain though, I am back in Vegas, one of my favorite cities. I am straying farther away into the strip and venturing into the grimey smoke filled Vegas that I've come to adore and love. Tonight I my co-worker and I walked from our Holiday Inn to the Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway. We sat at the bar and played video poker while I waited for my Philly Cheesesteak sandwhich (hold the onions) and whiskey coke. I put in $5 and managed to hold out for 40 minutes before I do what I always do and get impatient and "max bet" all my money. I am always too embarrassed to cash in a ticket for $3.25. After a highclass dinner of day old roll, and beef that was only smoked by 2nd hand, I found a penny slot machine that was house cat themed called Kitty Glitter. I didn't realize that I was betting the max amount ($0.50) and quickly went through $6 before calling it a night.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toss No Mas

Livin' the Vida Loca here in New Mexico once again. Albuquerque to be exact...a city that I never understood the origin of it's name, or even if I am spelling it right. Anyway. Workshop week...n'uf said, I am like a walking zombie who performs during the day. I actually like the workshops that I conduct, but they are exhausting!!! Good Grief.

So, you're probably wondering about the title of this entry. Toss No Mas is the New Mexican campaign against littering. It's everywhere down here, billboards, commercials, crackin' my sh*t up, I love it!

I really wish I had more to chat about, but unfortunately I don't. I felt like my blog needed a little love (who doesn't now and then right?). However, I am home ALL week next week...yea, can you believe that??? My first week home since the first week of January. I am very excited. Office admin work and SPRING CLEANING!!!

I am a dork, I know. Anywho, the moment something interesting happens to me, I will blog! Take care Y'all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometime you feel like a nut...

Viva New Mexico... I guess.

This is it, go time. I am on my own here in New Mexico doin' my thing this week. I started in Las Cruces... college town near the Mexican & Texan border. It was ok, nothing great although I did eat dinner at La Posta which is an authentic Mexican restaraunt that has a bird sanctuary in their lobby...Parrots and burritos, yum.

Next was Alamogordo, fun little town, I stayed the night but was so beat I stayed in and went to bed early (mom, if your reading this, don't think that you "told me so"). This morning I had a great visit with the hotel and felt like I actually earned some of my paycheck. After a quick parking-lot lunch at Arby's I was on to Ruidoso. But before I left Alamogordo, I couldn't resist stopping by the world's largest pistachio nut...yep...you heard me right, the world's largest pistachio nut...right here in scenic Alamogordo NM.

Ruidoso, was even smaller then the first two towns. It's claim to fame is horse racing, and if they get snow...skiing. Had a great convo with them and got to see 2 week old twin girls...very cute and ridiculously tiny.

Now I am in Socorro which is right past San Antonio...no not San Antonio TX...San Antonio NM...can we talk about this for a minute? Why does New Mexico feel like it can trick people into coming to their state by naming their one street towns after large metro cities??? San Antonio...the biggest thing there is a billboard for the Shell station...Las Vegas NM...no fountain shows, show girls, or even any sign of fun to be honest... New Mexico...Stop it...ok...Stop pretending your something your not. Let people come visit you for the cacti and large pistachio nut... deal???

Hope all is well in your land. Hit me up!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Man Sweat on Row 40

Can I just say that sitting next to a giant sweaty man with a cold for 4 ½ hours on a plane is not my ideal evening… ALT/SLC…row 40 on Delta flight 1230… I was hoping for a Hudson River landing just to freshen up (too soon…?). Nonetheless, I made it home safely so I guess I can’t complain too much. Atlanta was a bit of a snooze, a lot of info that didn’t necessarily pertain to me…but what can ya do? Comes with the job I suppose.

I FINALLY got more then a weekend to be home in Salt Lake. Even though I spent all day working, it felt good to be on my own for a day and actually get some stuff done. It has been pretty overwhelming to try to learn everything being thrown at me, organize and set up a home office, prepare for a portfolio turn-over, and manage the balance between my “professional” and personal life… Good Grief! I am starting to feel like I can do this though.

I am off to Tucson Arizona and then Vegas by Friday (I will actually get to enjoy the city for one night this time…stories to come, I am sure). Have a great week!